Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Lately

We emailed our latest newsletter out today, if you did not receive one and would like to be added to our list, let us know!

Here is just a little update on the past couple of months!
The schools in Kibaale are doing really well overall, there have been a lot of cases of Typhoid recently reported and this is the season where Malaria increases, so please keep the health of our staff and students in your prayers.

Lunch time!!

A special gift was just given for a new mud house, this is the current house that the vocational student was living in. Our family was able to participate in mudding the new house with the Grade 6 students in Kibaale as well some of the kids teachers and classmates from Masaka spent the day helping out.

We recently went with Vicent from our Community Services office to see this area where many of our students live that has only this puddle as a nearby water source. They are high up on a hill so we are looking into alternative ways to get them clean water right now.

The kids are pretty happy to be finished school for the summer!! They are loving more time to spend in Kibaale with friends.
 While at the Timothy Centre they are helping out with yard work; raking is a lot harder than it looks they commented!
A neighbour dog recently had 8 puppies on the property, these cuties have provided hours of fun for the kids.

 The agriculture projects we are working on are doing very well, here is the acres of maize succesfully growing in Kibaale.

Just some of the almost 100 families that came out on a community work day!

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