Friday, October 17, 2014

One Month, Already!!

Time has really flown by this past month as we jumped right back into work and school routines. 

A couple of the projects Jeff has been working on in Kibaale are building a permanent table and sunbrella on the guest house patio and two new classroom blocks in the secondary school! 

 We are very excited to see the secondary school growing in Kibaale, it will be great to have these classrooms ready for them at the start of the new school year in January!

The secondary students are currently writing exams and taking every break they have to study and prepare, please keep them in your prayers!!

The sponsorship office is full of students writing their term 3 letters and drawing pictures they can't wait for all you sponsors to see!!

Our own kids have all had a great start to this school year, Joel is doing online school and homeschool with me and the other 3 kids are also doing online school, homeschool and then spending a few hours 2 days a week at a school with other missionary kids in Masaka. The schedule has worked really well so far and they have already caught up despite getting a late start in September. 

It was really fun getting home to see our adorable neighbour Patience is now walking on her own!!

Her older sister Madrine, they are very special little girls!

We love spending time with the staff kids at the daycare which is also right next to our house, they provide our kids with hours of entertainment in the afternoons!

The Timothy Centre S6 girls all dressed up for their graduation dinner!

Mazzy requested a breakfast tea party with Avin on her 7th birthday. 

This past weekend was ridiculously hot, the kids took turns spraying each other with the hose in the middle of the afternoon to cool off a bit!

Campfires all year long is a great perk to living in Uganda. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers!!

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Mustapha MaDish said...

I like your work and your blog also!!!
It's good God bless you!