Monday, October 5, 2015

It's all Greek to me!

When you live in Uganda and your family lives in Vancouver, Greece is the perfect spot to meet up!! It was so great spending time in a new country and being able to visit with Jeff's parents, Aunt, and Uncle. We spent the first half of our time on one of the Greek Islands, Milos, which is known for it's over 70 beaches, and they were incredible! 

Gorgeous little churches everywhere.

Sarakiniko was one of our favourite beaches, it was unlike anywhere else we have ever been. We were able to swim through these volcanic rocks. 

The edge of the rocks were pretty slippery, Jeff fell in while I was trying to get a picture of him. Oops!

Dinner at sunset with an incredible view at our hotel. 

We were just a few minutes walk from Plaka, Milos, a very cute area with lots of restaurants and shops. 

No editing needed, it looked like a postcard at every turn!!

Firiplaka was another favourite beach. 

Kleftiko can only be reached by boat as can a few other beaches, and it was definitely worth it. 

Klima village was right below where we stayed so we went down a couple times to get pictures, it was so beautiful with every garage door painted a different colour.  

Adamas at sunset. 

We walked up to see a castle with a great view of Milos. 

It was such a treat to spend a few days by the sea!

Acropolis of Athens!

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus


The Parthenon

Mom & Dad Dyck

Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Gil

Hadrian's Arch

Temple of Olympian Zeus

A highlight for us in Athens was seeing The Areopagus or Mars Hill. This is where the Apostle Paul delivered his sermon in Acts 17.

Dinner out in Plaka.

Monastiraki Square

The only picture we have of the 6 of us taken with a selfie stick, and photo bombers, of course! 

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Jennifer Walter said...

Gorgeous!!! So glad for all of you!