Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kibaale Medical Clinic

Our clinic in Kibaale sees an average of 1,200 patients every month but this past June was our busiest month ever, there were 1,985 patients treated!

The Kibaale Medical Clinic first began as an infirmary for the students in our school, it then grew to include health care for the families of our students and is now a community clinic that is one of the busiest in the whole district of Rakai! 

Various lab testing is done every day at the clinic including malaria tests, 70% of the patients we saw in June were diagnosed and treated for malaria! 

The clinic also provides prenatal care for women, has many medications including antibiotics on hand, we test for HIV/AIDS and offer counselling as well do weekly immunizations clinics in our community. 

The girls helping out at a mobile clinic last year, this is a really cute picture but in reality one of these twins was failing to thrive and not given a very good prognosis, which unfortunately is something we see far too often in the village. We're so thankful they came to our clinic and we were able to provide these babies and their mom with help though! 

Our own family and many of the visitors to Kibaale also use the clinic, having it right on the school property has always given us extra peace of mind. 

Dr Simon was very thankful to receive some new things for the clinic from some of our friends who came over to work with him last year. 

There are many opportunities if you are in the health care field to volunteer at our clinic, send us a message if you're interested in more information! 

We will often come across kids and adults while we're out in the community that need to be seen at our clinic, they just haven't been able to make it there themselves, so with the motorcycles or vans the centre has we're able to bring people in as needed! 

If you would like to help us with the ongoing costs to run the Kibaale Medical Clinic you can give online; a one time donation or monthly. $40 per month will cover the costs of 5 patients being seen and treated at our clinic! 

Thank you for considering a donation to the clinic, we could not continue this important ministry without the generous help of our supporters at home!

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Emmanuel Kaweesi said...

Thanks for the good work Uncle Jeff and Untie Shannon. May the Lord bless you beyond measure. (Deutronomy 28:1-25)