Monday, March 19, 2007

African Bugs

Where do we start......

the bugs here are pretty intense. Some are beautiful and some are quite scary. The bees here sound like a weed whacker and we usually run for cover. The ants.......OH the ants.....there are millions of them. We're pretty sure our particular house was carefully placed right on top of their home. The kids have enjoyed chasing what they call stick bugs, these are big bugs that look like sticks as well they play with millipedes.
This is a gecko, the often come right inside the house but usually stay outside in the sun, this is a small one, the big ones usually are called lizards and they like to come out in the middle of the night and look at us when we're in the bathroom.
We think this is a moth, it was big and very white, with a red belly, something about it looked like a moth, but big.
The next one is a huge snail we saw on the sidewalk downtown Kampala.
And the last one, our favorite, is the Spider. The picture is actually taken in a big red bin, not a bowl (although still in our kitchen) just to give you a sense of how big it is. It was probably 3 plus inches accross, black and yellow, it was so heavy it couldn't crawl out of the bin. We carried the bin outside to ask Amos, our security guard, what kind of spider it was, he told us "oh, that's a huge spider" when asked if it bites we were told that they don't bite but they spit some sort of poison that bruises you. We were happy to know they don't see these that often.


Sher said...

okay those are just crazy, best kind of home schooling though. The boys must love it.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures ! Yes, even the bugs ! what a pleasure to see some of what you are experiencing. Love mom

Bec Shulba said...

wow -- i haven't checked the blog in a little while and cannot believe how much is here to read. it sounds like you're having lots of amazing experiences. your kids look great. bugs freak me out - i can't believe you're taking pics of them! haha. you guys are awesome.

J2 said...

Dycks!!! We MISS YOU! Love reading about your adventures and experiences though. ...oh to see Africa thru your children's eyes - that would be amazing! Keep the updates (and photos!!!) coming!
Love, the Jeckels.