Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Kristen is one of the girls in the first children’s home, she is 10 years old. Our kids have grown to love all the children here, but especially Kristen, she comes and says hi to us in the mornings before school, and also comes here first afterschool, Finny runs to her from anywhere on the property. She is like a big sister to all the kids in her home, always helping with a big smile on her face. Her parents died when she was 6 years old, she has a half brother somewhere unknown. She is at Primary 5 level in her education, the Kiddie Care school that all of the other children attend (beside Pastor Michael’s home) only goes up to Primary 4. This school will increase a level each year though, so these kids will continue here thru Primary 7. So Kristen, being a level ahead, had to attend a public school in the area. Public schools here are not like at home, they can have up to 70 kids in a class designed for 30, there is no merit put into a public school education. Kristen would leave for school at 7am while we were getting out of bed and she would return from school around 530 pm while we were preparing dinner, she would have only had one small meal at her school during that time, as well it was a long walk for her to the public school. Most private schools supply two meals per day. We asked Mulumba (Property manager) if there was a better solution for her, and asked why she doesn’t go to the private school that is directly across the road from the church. He said they don’t have the money to send her there. The cost for private school here is $37 a term; there are 3 terms per year. They were quite shocked when we told them what private schools cost at home! We asked Kristen about switching schools, the new year for them began in February, but she said that she would like to attend the school nearby, so we have paid for her tuition, uniform and new supplies, which came to about $80……. Although she was a bit upset at first when after testing she was told she would be in the Primary 4 class because of the higher standards of education, she has adjusted really well into her new class.

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