Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Children's Homes

Here are the first 13 children, clockwise starting with Avin (the little blonde girl), Sylvia, Harriet, Segawa, Betty, Kristin, Finny, Joyce, Job, Frank, Jenny, Matrid, Kato, Joel, Wasswa and Cissy, this is of course what we call them, they have much more complex names!


Sher said...

Hey Guys
Sounds and looks absoltuly amazing there. And your helping Kristen is what it is all about, please let us know if we can help in any way. Give our love to all the kids there:)

Anonymous said...


As I open up the site I'm just never sure what going to show up. It's fun!!! And so very interesting. Each and every time I've been left so touched, moved and inspired by the "Dyck" Family.
Thank you so much for being so generous in your sharing. The pictures are wonderful, you all look great. We miss you here at work Jeff!!


Judy MacD said...

Hi team.. Rebecca passed along your blogspot link... its just amazing to see how connected you can be so far away. The pictures and stories are fantastic and it is a great reminder to pray for you all. Thanks so much.. you are making a big impact!

cmonty said...

Have finally logged on to see what you guys are up to over there ... and what a blessing! No doubt your hearts are daily touched by the very special people you've been called to serve ... and so lucky they are to have you. You all look so joyous and healthy ... content to be right where you are. Will continue to keep you close in prayer.