Friday, March 30, 2007

Construction Begins

We were often warned to not expect things to happen quickly here in Uganda, and there certainly has been our share of waiting on things..but that can’t be said for the construction!! When given the go ahead to start the play field, a tractor showed up 3 hours later and began working! This also happened to be at 6pm, here in Uganda it is already pitch black by 7pm, so Jeff was out with a flashlight and the tractor had its headlights on working well into the night.

The next morning we were very excited to see the children looking at this field where there would be a soccer field and a playground, and we saw how happy they were!! We spent yesterday raking the field, collecting rocks and leveling it out before we plant grass, which here takes approximately one month to grow.

Here’s the tractor hard at work.

Jeff and Joel working away

Jeff’s feet after working in the field all day!

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Anonymous said...

My mom would love their dirty feet, hey Shan?