Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jenny, Wasswa and Kato

Jenny is 8 years old, Wasswa and Kato are twin boys who are 4 years old, although all their birthdays are unknown, and we are told that Wasswa and Kato might even be 5, which is just hard to believe because they are so little!! Wasswa means first one and Kato means last one; that is what all twin boys are named here. These siblings are also in the first children's home and are just the happiest three kids in the world! Their parents died of Aids a couple years ago, they were living with a Grandma and some older siblings as well. When these three were brought to the children's home last July it was thought that Wasswa and Kato might not survive as they were quite malnourished and sick. Now they are thriving! These boys will run from anywhere they see us to leap into our arms or tackle Avin. Every Sunday in church Jeff and I hold either Kato or Wasswa for the entire church service (...much longer than at home!!) Jenny is an energetic little girl, and has made a good friend to Joel, they chase eachother around everyday. You can't walk by any of these three kids without getting a huge smile!

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