Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kwagala House

Kwagala is the name of the second children's home, it means Love. The first home is called Kukiriza which means Faith. This week we got to be a part of filling the home!! These children were selected to live here by the Pastors of the church, there are so many children that could live in these homes, but the Pastors have chosen those with the greatest needs. They are from villages surrounding Mpigi, and some were even attending this church. Most of these children didn't attend school, and often went without meals. They are orphaned children who have until now been living with a grandparent or family member. Joel and I went into the villages to pick these children up, and got to see first hand the tiny homes or mud huts they were living in (that were the size of a garden shed at home) and often housed several children. It was an eye opener for Joel.

When we showed up at their homes they could not get together there few belongings quick enough, they were in such a hurry to say goodbye and get into our car. It was a big party on the property that night, all of the children had dinner together and were laughing and playing outside.

Since these kids come with only the clothes on their backs we got together all the clothes that had been donated and set up a few tables in the medical centre. We started bringing the new children in and orderly giving them an outfit or two, but this soon turned into chaos!! The children were just so excited to see a selection of clothes that would fit them or their friends, and were giddy over trying things on or suggesting things for friends. There was even one boy, who is 12 years old, who just dropped his pants right there in front of everybody to make sure his soccer shorts would fit!
We are grateful to everyone who donated clothes for us to bring!!


Don Sukkau said...

Hey Jeff and Shannon this is just a short note to let you know that you are doing a terrific job with your blogs. Very interesting and informative.

In addition, I am so inspired to see a couple from PPAC engaged in missionary work abroad. I remember thinking at one time there are so few couples that are choosing to spend some time doing the type of work you are involved with. Hopefully more of us will get involved.

Take care,
Don Sukkau

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Hi. I was on the PPAC Uganda team last August....and just realized that you've got a blog going! Words cannot describe how excited I am to be seeing recent pictures of the kids in the orphanage etc. I look forward to reading more stories and I'll keep your family in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, Jeff, Joel, Avin and Finn,
I got your letter today and our whole family was facinated and inspired to read it and look at the blog.
What an experience. We will keep you all in our prayers.
Take care,
Love Toni (Ife)

Rich & Flav said...
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