Thursday, March 15, 2007

day in Kampala

We had our last meal with the dental team this morning, and Pastor Michael prepared a nice devotional for us as well, it was a nice time together. You can see that even in the one week that the team was here they have touched many lives. As well been very touched by the people and experiences themselves. It makes us glad we aren't having to say "see you" ourselves for a while!!

We left from breakfast to take the chef Henry home, he lives in Kampala. Since we are cooking now for ourselves we are going to Garden City, the bigger shopping mall here, to buy our own groceries. You can get basic things in Mpigi, and there is a small fruit and vegetable market there, but most things we'll get in Kampala.

It will be nice to spend the day together figuring things out. We have a driver, but he is just dropping us off and running his own errands, usually someone from the church comes along with us, but we are getting braver! Everyone here is so nice and helpful though.

Rose is feeling much better, thank you for praying for her.

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