Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our First Week in UGANDA

hello to you all. sorry for the delay in writing, internet is harder than we anticipated!!
our children did wonderful travelling here, they slept all of the flights, and adjusted really well that first day, staying awake until 6pm, even though we were So hot! They slept until 5am, so we were able to watch the beautiful sunrise together. Since then they are completely on ugandan time.
our home was very organized when we arrived, they had made our kids their own room, the boys in a bunk bed and avin in a twin beside them. our room is nice and big, with space for a desk and all our things!
we have been so welcomed to mpigi, the people are amazing, always smiling and so helpful. joel said that in canada when someone is listening to you or just looking at you they have a straight face, but here everyone always has a smiling face - it is so true!
the kids are healthy and happy. many children for them to play with, and they are living outside. it is quite hot, but there is shady areas.
power is a struggle here at times, the generators are turned on at all different times of the day, and often out of gas or breaking down. we do have a deep freezer, it is on a lot with the dental team here and all their food inside, mostly it will be on only a few hours a day i think, so more like a fridge, but anything cold is Great!! it gets dark right at 7pm, so they usually have the lights on for us from 7-10, we can charge all our electronics then. the kids don't really watch much tv or movies though, sometimes right before breakfast.
we have hired a chef to cook for us and the dental team this week, so we have watched him closely to learn some new meals we can do for our family, since we are just cooking with a propane stove, it is different. we've eaten So well though, i'm sure we'll get the hang of it, since our chef has done amazing meals.
the dental team has been a huge success. everyone is so happy to have their teeth fixed, their feet taken care of as well their eyes. Eyesight is poor it seems because they have not been educated to wear sunglasses, a good thing to bring!!
we will try to get pictures soon, hopefully this weekend. we have many of the beautiful children here who already fill our hearts, you just instantly fall in love with them.
their house mom rose is getting over malaria right now, you can keep her in your prayers.

goodbye for now!


jaja Jan said...

Tell Mommy Rose that Ja Ja Jan is praying for her!

So many smiles...what a blessing! Have you picked up the eye brow raising...are the kids starting to do it too? Instead of an Amen...just raise your eyebrows twice.

Joel are you teaching any of the other kids how to read? They would learn quick like you!

Sher said...

Hey guys, It just sounds amazing there. Can't wait to see the pictures of the kids. Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you and your family is adapting so well in Mipigi. What a wonderful feeling to know you are exactly where you should be and lending such helpful hands. You are in my thoughts and prayer daily. Love you lots !!! Hugs and kisses to the kids and you two also. love mom

lisa said...

hello dycks

thrilled to get some feedback & hearing it's all good makes it just that more rewarding! can't wait to see you all shortly keep the postings coming & pictures ms. dyck pictures!!!

luv, lisa