Sunday, April 8, 2007

happy easter!!


The Dickies said...

Happy Easter Guys!!! It is so great to see your set up there....only you Shannon could make it look so great!!!! As somebody else said, you are an inspiration to all of us!! What a great experience you are providing for you kids!!! Scott says he'll email you after the team meeting next sunday and is glad things are going so well and is very thankful for you guys!!! Blessings on you....and thanks for letting us travel with you through this blog.

judymacd said...

I was thinking and praying for you today during our Easter services. As people were calling out "He is Risen" in their native tongue, I thought of you celebrating this same risen Christ thousands of miles away in a foreign land. Happy Easter to you.. actually I think the day is already over in Uganda.. but whatever.. blessings to you..