Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Boda Boda

A boda boda is a small motorcycle, slightly bigger than a scooter. This is the main form of transportation in Uganda . You just walk along the road until one passes by and hop on the back. Its a very cheap way to travel, it costs us 1500 shillings each way, which is $1.00 (the locals and Shannon can get them down to 1000 shillings). Our kids love to take turns going with us into town, I prefer actually to bring a child with me so I don't have to cuddle with the driver! The child goes in between us. One of our favorite parts of the boda ride is when a car is coming and stirs up a big cloud of dust and then the driver covers their eyes with their arm. Bodas are used to transport not only people but also cargo, whether its wood, animals, mattresses, and even beds. Our record is 9 mattresses carried on one boda, even the locals were impressed!!

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Faye said...

What an amazing experience for your family!