Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Joel, Avin and Finn

Our children are continuing to do really well, they're very happy and healthy here!! They seem to be learning a lot of life lessons that we couldn't have taught them at home!!
One of the things that was at first difficult for Joel was when one of the kids from the villages would come by our house. He would quickly go outside with a soccer ball or skipping rope, hoping to play, but they would end up standing there while he played in front of them. It was awkward for him to communicate that he wanted to play with them, not in front of them! We've been really proud of how quickly he's figured out how to communicate with children that don't speak English!
Our kids have also learned how to entertain themselves well with just their imaginations. They don't require tv, xbox, or toys; they spend their days with the children here just playing in the dirt, or with sticks and rocks!!

On Easter Monday we drove to the Equator, only 35 minutes away!! Here's some pictures of our kids enjoying a cold drink!!


Faye said...

Shannon....I am going next summer...You can bet on it! It looks like you are in your element!

juliek said...

Shannon, love the pictures, You children are adorable, I made Finn my screen saver, looks like you are doing great work. I want you mom to bring me home a child from your home (uganda child)they are all happy and adorable too, boy or girl I am not fussy.I may come with your mom in the future if you can get rid of those spiders.
God bless all of you