Friday, May 25, 2007


Betty is nine years old, and came to Kukiriza Children's Home in October 2006. Her mother has died and her father is very sick. Unlike the rest of Kukiriza, she wasn't here in the summer with last year's team of Muzungus (white people). So she was more aprehensive with us, and it actually took a little work to get a smile from her!! We were up to the challenge! It didn't take long, she became a quick friend! She is now one of the first kids to smile when she sees us, and is one of Joel's best friends here. She is very much a tom boy, and would prefer to play soccer with the boys over skipping rope with the girls. She is also a great singer!! A group of the older kids sing every evening, and often in church, and she is the song leader, her personality really shows when she is singing, you can see on her face how much she enjoys it!

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