Thursday, May 24, 2007


When we took a boat tour on the Nile River one of the things we really wanted to see was a crocodile. The guide said it was a possibility, but not for sure. They took us to the spot where they have often seen them but there were none there. We continued on our tour, looking at birds and scenery etc, did you know there are approx 130 species of birds on the Nile River ?? On our way back we convinced him to check the spot again. We had no idea the horror which was about to happen! We saw the crocodile; it was sunbathing on the shore. We convinced the nervous guide to get us closer for a picture. We got to about 5 feet from it. After taking pictures of it just lying there, I decided to throw a stick at it too see it move. It immediately lunged forward toward the boat! Shannon instinctively threw her body on top of the kids to protect them! The massive beast's jaws came crashing down on the side of the boat; wood splintering everywhere! I immediately jumped on to its back so I could get a hold of its jaws! It continued to thrash about with me on its back! Meanwhile, the boat was sinking and Shannon had swam the kids to shore. After what seemed like hours, I was able to wrestle the angry creature into submission.

In reality...We did see a crocodile and I did throw a stick at it but it lazily slid into the water.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is ALMOST as exciting as being there myself. I eagerly check for updates every morning, and continue to keep you all in my prayers.

Toni (Ife)

Bec Shulba said...

that was fantastic.