Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Half Way

Our family at the Nile River

We have now passed the halfway point of our time here. We have mixed feelings about this. We are excited about home, but neither of us want to leave! We are proud of the amount of work we have been able to accomplish so far. We feel very blessed that none of us have been sick. The children especially here have really impacted and affected us, its amazing what you can learn from children!! They are truly a joy to spend time with, and we are thankful for every moment we have with them. At times when we’re with them you can’t help but think of leaving; you almost try to lessen what you’re feeling for them because you know it’s not forever and the longer you’re with them the harder leaving will be. When you stop to think about it you realize all the time you pour into these children really can have a lasting effect though. We pray that they feel loved and special. When we were still at home people would ask if we had fears about going to Africa, fears for our children, safety, health etc. but the only fear we now have is returning to life in North America, this fear becomes more real every day. It will be hard to find the right balance when the two worlds are so different!! We still have many things to look forward to here, we are excited for Rebekah from church to be coming soon, she is an RN and setting up the medical clinic here, soon after that the team from church will be joining us. The next couple of months will be very busy, although we can’t imagine time going faster than it already has!!

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