Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tugenda Kusamba Mupila

Or in English, let’s play soccer. Soccer is definitely the national sport. They take their soccer very seriously. Last week a referee was beaten to death for allowing a goal that shouldn’t have counted. The national team is called the Ugandan Cranes. The cranes the team is named after are about 3 feet tall, very slow and have long thin legs. Not a very menacing creature to name your soccer team after. That might be the explanation for their dismal success record. Even more popular than the national team “The Cranes”, is Manchester United. Man U jerseys are available everywhere. They are about 6 dollars CDN. You see Man U written everywhere around town. I’ts on the taxis, bodas (motorcycles), storefronts. We have even seen a Manchester United Beauty Salon.

Soccer is played everywhere here. I was invited recently to play with the guys from the High school close to where we are living. One sideline was marked with a barb wired fence, and you know you have gone to far the other way when you start bumping into cows!

Soccer has been an easy way for both Joel and I to build friendships. Everyone has a favorite team, they follow the English Premier League very closely and love to talk about it. Our family supports Chelsea, which isn’t a very popular choice here!

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