Saturday, June 23, 2007

Children's Clinic Day

Saturday the clinic was opened up for our 50 children living on the property. We were doing full physical exams on the 20 new children, and we also did HIV tests on all the children. It was great to have the team here for this, they were playing with the chlildren to entertain them while they waited; reading, doing crafts, singing songs, as well consoling the kids as needed afterwards. Its been a nice bonding time with these kids and a great way for the team to get know them better!!


judy macd said...

shannon & jeff.. you guys are the world's best bloggers.. thanks SO much for the pics and updates. I can't even begin to imagine what you're thinking as you begin your last days there. I'm sure a part of your heart will stay there.. peace..

mom g said...

The pictures just get better and better !! The children are SO lovely, I am so glad for all the medical assistance they are receiving, it is so necessary as well as those families getting such great help. WELL DONE team !mom g