Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As we near the end of our time here, I have started to distance myself from the kids a little bit. In sort of an effort to make saying good bye a little bit easier.

Shannon has gone a different route. She has become completely attached to a little girl named Christine.

Christine is one of the kids that recently joined our newly finished Suubi house. She is 3 years old and other than some malnutrition is a healthy little girl. She is orphaned by both parents, with an elderly Grandmother her only relative, sounds pretty adoptable!! She is quite shy and was actually afraid of us Muzungos her first few days, only to be greeted a few days later by 20 more!!! She thrives on one on one attention, loves to cuddle, and with a little effort has the sweetest smile! Our kids have fallen in love with this little girl too, they enjoy inviting her over to our house for treats, reading to her, and to hear her sweet voice as she gets more comfortable with us.

She's definitely going to be hard for all of us to say goodbye to!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful child.... Good luck saying good - bye. I really mean that.They are all wonderful, but sometimes one just grabs your heart a little stronger.... mom g

Sara said...

Aww Christine!! I don't blame Shannon one bit. I fell in love with her during the walk back up to the church from Kiddie Care.

Anonymous said...

hi ya all!!!

oh shannon just wanted to share with you that im ready to be an anutie again!!! what a blessing it would be if God found a way for christine to be a member of our family right here in bc!!!

love & light


let me know if there's anything i can do for christine/family.