Friday, July 20, 2007


We left Uganda and took an hour flight to Kenya, unbelievable the difference an hour makes!! Kenya has a lot more tourism than Uganda, and is a lot more developed! We got into vans in Nairobi and had a very bumpy 6 hour drive to Masai Mara. Our kids actually slept some of it, which I can't believe!! They were occupied looking out their windows when they were awake, it was a very scenic drive! We drove through the Great Rift Valley, and were suprised to then see giraffes, elephants, zebras, and baboons!!

The Safari was a good transitional time for the team, we had some good debrief meetings, and a good time to absorb everything while being fed a little better! The drives were amazing, either at sunrise or sunset, they were incredibley peaceful!

Cheetah's aren't a guaranteed find on the drives, so we were excited to find them on our last day! The elephants were our favorite animal though, so majestic yet peaceful at the same time. Amazing!

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