Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking Ahead

This week is bittersweet for our family, its Joel’s last week of school, his last soccer game on Saturday, Jeff’s last day of work is today, and we are having to saying goodbye to all of our family and friends! We are going to miss everyone so much, we feel so supported as we leave though, and truly blessed to have people at home caring, loving and praying for us!!!

There are a few things we are excited about now as we look ahead too!! The kids are pretty excited about the 2 long plane rides, as well a run through London during our layover! They are very excited to see all their friends in Mpigi next week, they have really missed them! We’re also looking forward to showing them Kibaale, settling into our new home, as well meeting everyone at the school who we will be working and living alongside!!!!

This is a view of the Kibaale property

Our new house

The kitchen, we have hot water, a fridge, freezer and even an oven this time!!

Dining Room

Living room


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Bec Shulba said...

wow - it's all happening. it's nice to see pics of where you're going so we can picture you being there. we're so excited for you guys - looking forward to seeing you on sunday before you go.

Rachel S. said...

Wow...it's time! Our thoughts and prayers are with you from Edmonton as you travel and get settled in to life in Africa again!

Pitscar said...

Hey, so London eh? Hope the flight is going swell. We'll miss ya back home :)