Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nine Months Old

Mazzy is nine months old today!! We’ve only been her parents for 67 days, wow!! It feels like she’s just always been with us.

She’s adjusted so well to her new home and family; it actually doesn’t even feel like there was an adjustment period. A baby is so easy here, lots of extra hands to always help out! Joel, Avin and Finn have loved every minute with their new sister, they only fight about whose turn it is to feed or cuddle her. Now that she’s crawling everywhere they are getting a true taste though of a baby around the house. From time to time they will carry her out of their bedroom, where they’re nicely playing with toys, back into the living room -- half a dozen times!

Mazzy now has 6 teeth and loves to eat all sorts of food. She pulls up on anything, and will walk around the table or holding our hands. She’s even let go and stood on her own for a few seconds already, she really wants to walk, I’m sure to keep up with her big brothers and sister!

Thanks for all your prayers for our family as we’ve adjusted to our new addition. It honestly couldn’t have gone any smoother. What a blessing these four children are, our hearts are so full!!


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Heather & Rick said...

I love reading your blog! My husband and I are Canadians as well, on our way to Mozambique as full time missoinarys.. and we hope to adopt as well. Currently we are in Brazil learning portuguese.Seeing your pics and reading your stories is encouraging! Just thought i would let you know that you can enable comment moderation (so only people you approve can have their comments show) that way you dont end up with strange posts.. ive just noticed sometimes you have some interesting ones show up. :) Keep on Keeping on in service to the Lord!God Bless,