Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the Explorer

Jeff and I had some work to do in Kampala on Monday, which happened to be my birthday, so Rachel offered to watch our kids for us, which makes the 4 hour drive each way to Kampala for just one night a lot more enjoyable!!

We left Sunday morning in time to catch the church service in Mpigi, which is always a treat!

Then we went for an early dinner at a restaurant, the Explorer, that we've been wanting to try for a while now. We had Mazzy with us, who was a dream baby the whole trip!! This is the casual restaurant in a very nice Hotel in Kampala, Hotel Serena, and was a great find!! Especially the latte's, a great coffee isn't the easiest thing to find here, but this Hazelnut Latte would definitely rival any from home!!

On Monday without the older 3 kids we managed to get thru our errands quickly and home in time for a pizza dinner with everyone, and a delicious chocolate cake that our co-workers made for us!! Its been wonderful seeing the team in Kibaale grow, we are thankful we are getting to know such amazing people!!

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