Monday, September 1, 2008

Medical Clinic

The clinic is open!!!

This past weekend we had the grand opening of the new medical clinic. Our guest of honour was the First Lady, Janet Musseveni. This made the already huge party even bigger. She came down with at least 100 army and security personnel. She actually landed in the middle of our soccer field in a huge army helicopter!

All dressed up for the big celebration!!!

Translation: "We Treat, God Heals"

Uganda's First Lady, Janet Musseveni

The First Lady with our Clinic Staff

The crowd trying to get a look at our guest of honour!!


mom g said...

Awesome ! Jeff did a fabulous job, I am very proud of you !and Shan for being a great mom and wife taking care of you all.... The pics are wonderful, truly a happy time for all.

Lesley said...

Wow...that sounds really amazing!!
Great pictures

Jenny Nel said...

The Clinic looks amazing!!! So do you guys - all dressed up!! Wish I could have been there too!

I also loved reading about Sanyu, not sure how you can leave there empty-handed!!! I still have very fond (somewhat tearfull) memories of our very brief stop at Mpigi! I don't think I could manage Sanyu. Tell Joel I am so proud of him! God is going to bless him richly! What an awesome experience for both of you.

Michelle b. said...

What an incredible experience to end & celebrate the project! Congrads on a great job... it looks so good!