Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mazzy!

Mazzy is ONE!! We were in Kampala on her birthday, and went for dinner to a new Mexican restaurant, it's always exciting for us to find new restaurants!

Grandpa and Grandma Dyck are here visiting us from October 1-10th, so we decided to have her party once they arrived. It was a really nice evening, we've become very close to our team and are very thankful to be able to share life with them!! Grandma made a delicious cake for Mazzy, which she really enjoyed!!!

Mazzy has been such a blessing to our family! She really is the sweetest little girl, her joy and smile are contagious! She loves people, especially her brothers and sister, and lights up when she sees them, we thank God for her joining our family everyday.

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Lesley said...

Very cute pictures! Happy Birthday Mazzy!!