Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There are a few weddings coming up that we are going to, so Rachel and I decided to have a more traditional Ugandan outfit made to wear to these fancy celebrations!

Last Saturday was one of the teacher’s wedding, the invitation said ceremony at 12:00pm. We have been to a couple of other weddings and many other celebrations already to know it’s good to be a bit late!! We put Mazzy down for a nap and began walking to the church at 12:30pm. A few steps down the driveway and we were stopped and told not yet, the ceremony won’t begin until after 1:00pm. So we walked back to the house to wait. At 1:15pm we began to walk to church again, and were stopped at the exact same point, told the wedding won’t start until 2:00pm. At 2:00pm we made it to the gate where we were stopped by the groom, he was just on his way to get dressed!!! They said the wedding should start by 3:00pm for sure.

Mazzy has now woken up from her nap, so we decided to get her dressed and she could come to the ceremony with us, (Joel, Avin and Finn still wanted to stay home!) so just after 3:00pm we finally made it to the church.

The church was quite empty still when we arrived, word must have gotten out to everyone that the ceremony would start later in the day, or maybe it is normal for a wedding to be that late, I’m not sure which!!!
A couple of beautifully dressed guests.
One of many bridesmaids!
At 3:45pm the groom walks down the aisle, followed minutes later by the bridal party, the bride walked down the aisle just before 4:00pm!!!


Lesley said...

What a great experience. The bridal party look amazing in all black and white. Beautiful.

mom g said...

Wow that is an amazing looking wedding party ! YOU all look good too ,and Miss Mazzy is quite the little gal....