Sunday, June 28, 2009


One of the departments of our Vocational School is Catering. The students learn about guest services in general, but a large portion of the class takes place in the school bakery. It's quite common to see staff members stop by the bakery in the afternoon, in hopes of sampling a new creation!!

Avin is very social and loves to be around the students whenever she can, she also loves to help with cooking, so she was thrilled with the opportunity to participate in a class last week. They were making a few different types of buns and the teacher said she was a quick learner. Av had a lot of fun and has already asked to go again!



Yvonne said...

Hey guys!!

I was going to write you today to say something like, "HELLO! We're still checking your blog!! Where are you!!" Ha ha, hope you've settled back into your Uganda home. I know things are crazy right now but I just can't wait to hear how the family team is going!! Have a good, crazy couple of weeks!

Lori said...

Thanks for the peak into your work there. RAchel Eggum Cinader is very passionate about the ministry you have and I can see why.
Keep up the God Work!

Gramma G said...

So cute ! Love the pic with Avin standing with the bakers !