Friday, June 12, 2009


"Is home in Canada or Uganda?" We were asked this a lot during our visit!! Canada will always be home, especially when we're surrounded by family and friends. Uganda is also home, it is where we live, also have great friends, work, serve and worship.

We’re so thankful for the time we had to reconnect with everyone; we were overwhelmed by your generosity – a car to drive, meals, financial support, having our kids for playdates and sleepovers, and for just taking time (we forgot how precious time is in North America!!) to be with us. We are especially thankful to Mike and Heather Hoffmann, along with their 3 girls, who opened their home to us for 2 months, we couldn’t have felt more welcome. We loved our time with them, not just because they are great friends, or the fact that they have an amazing house and backyard (with a pool!!) although that definitely was a great treat!! They’re an inspiration to us, the way they are so hospitable, giving, and focused on their family.

Although our time at home was busy, it was a different busy than here, and we do feel refreshed and ready for the year ahead!! We are very excited for the two summer teams that are arriving very soon. On June 26th a team of 6 families (27 people!) from Pacific Academy arrive in Kibaale, and as they leave we will join the team from Peace Portal Alliance in Mpigi. We are organizing guest houses, menus and final details right now!!

Time with friends...

Time with family...


Thanks for continuing to keep our family in your prayers!

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mom g said...

Time went waaaay too fast BUT good to have the time we did !

Missing you is an understatement !!!