Monday, September 21, 2009

Just another night in Kibaale

The other night one of our teacher's went into labor and needed to be driven to a hospital about 45 minutes away. So we loaded the van with her, her husband, and 7 of her closest friends! No room for Shan who wanted to come as well. 25 minutes after we arrived she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, Desire Ntale.

While driving home we were passed dangerously by a speeding taxi cab. In fact we had to come to a complete stop because the dust from his car was so bad. After I started moving again we drove only 25 feet when we saw the car, upside down, lights on, radio blaring, wheels still spinning. Luckily Dr. Liz, from our own clinic in Kibaale, was with us. We both jumped out and ran to the car. Looking inside we could only see one person, the driver, but he was unconscious. Dr. Liz started jumping around screaming "he's dead, he's dead, oh my, he's dead" while jumping around she landed on my toe, with high heels, it hurt a lot. We then decided to roll the car back over so we could help the man. Me, and the 7 closest friends, rolled the car back over and as soon as the car thudded onto its tires, the man awoke. After we quickly pried the door open he jumped out and started running around. He was clearly in shock. Dr Liz then started jumping around again, now saying "he's alive, he's alive!". After all that, the worst injury ended up being my middle toe!


Lena Mulder said...

Hello Shan, so good to read your updates, what an encouragement, I hope to see you soon!! I'm leaving this Wednesday, so 2 more sleeps~~
Take care, and looking forward to seeing you all!

mom g said...

Jeff thats hillarious ! First came to mind the Dr. wearing heals, yes woman will be woman requardless of the terrain upon which they tread.The life you folks lead there, makes me jealous ! LOL ...Beautiful baby !