Friday, September 25, 2009


At the beginning of Term 3 we started a daycare for our staff in Kibaale. There are over 20 babies and over 10 preschoolers that come and go each day! There is a preschool teacher in charge, and she's doing a great job getting the kids organized for meals, songs and quiet play. The first few days were a bit crazy, not unlike the first few days of cubbies, preschool or nursery at home!!!

Our family tries to help out too, we love to spend one on one time with the kids and to cuddle the little babies, they're so sweet! Our kids love to read books with them or play a game of duck, duck, goose.

We are so thankful for donations of clothes, toys and books that have already come, they have all been such a blessing!! We could still use a few more of those things from home, as well a couple bumbo baby seats, bouncy chairs and play mats would be a huge help! If you have a donation for our daycare in Kibaale, you can bring it to the PAOS office in Pacific Academy School.


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