Monday, September 28, 2009

Mazzy's 2!!

Singing, dancing, drumming, talking - A LOT, playing outside, playing with her little friends Esther, Elsie and Precious at daycare, constantly running to keep up to Joel, Avin and Finn, playing playmobil or with her baby dolls inside, asking for whatever she wants (snacks, Dora, snacks..), tattling on her siblings “Finny hit me!”, an occasional temper tantrum, naps every afternoon, spontaneous kisses, lots and lots of hugs and cuddles, no more highchair, sleeping in a bed & makes herself at home anywhere in Kibaale - even in Secondary School!!
Mazzy is a very fun little girl, she has a vibrant personality and love for life, our family has been so blessed!!

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Gramma G said...

LOVE YOU Mazzy ! Yes, a special little girl you are ... Happy Birthday ! Looking forward to some of those hugs and kisses !