Monday, October 5, 2009

Jamie & Renée visit MPIGI!!

 Our good friends from home (also from Peace Portal Alliance Church), Jamie and Renée Jeckel, arrived in Uganda on Friday. One of our favorite parts of living here is hosting visitors, even better, hosting FRIENDS!!! Although we try, some parts of our life here just don't come across in pictures and blogs, to be able to share our life in Uganda is such a blessing to our family.

We started out with a wonderful weekend in Mpigi. Those amazing 52 kids in our children homes couldn't welcome any visitor better!!

We had soccer games, gave out stickers and gifts, sang songs, rode a boda boda, ate chipati, played more soccer, and went to a great church service.

Avin learning how to make a mat!

Renée showing a photo album of their kids, I think they were excited to see it!!

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mom g said...

GREAT pics ! The Jeckels look like they are in their element... Hard not too have a wonderful time with all those lovely, sweet children...Enjoy !