Saturday, October 10, 2009

SAFARI with Jamie & Renée

Another great thing about visitors in Uganda, going on safari! Rachel offered to watch our kids for the weekend so we could go away with just Jamie and Renée, what a special treat!!!
We drove about 4 hours to Queen Elizabeth National Park, our favorite place to safari in Uganda. We decided on recommendation to stay somehwere new, The Bush Lodge, and we're so glad we did, we loved it!!

We stayed in permanent tents on the Kazinga Channel where we could watch the hippos from our veranda during the day and at night they came right up to the lodge to graze!! We had a great night guard who wouldn't let us out of his sight, we felt very safe!!!

SAFARI - our best yet in Uganda!! Hundreds of hippos, over 50 elephants (many only a few feet away!), 19 lions, lots of crocodile, warthogs and cob, 1 leopard and 1 hyena. Driving home we saw zebra on the road at Lake Mburu!! 

The elephants are our favorite every time. We saw several baby elephants, elephants bathing each other in a puddle and even heard them make some noise when we got too close!!

Usually the lions we see are only laying under a tree, or will get up and walk a few feet and lay back down, which on day 1 is exactly what we saw. The next night we got to same area of the park later than we had hoped and were worried we'd missed seeing them one last time. Renée had been trying to "spot" something all day and was trying even harder our final hour!! She spotted a lion out in the bush just as we were driving away. We drove a bit closer and realized there were 8!! It was getting dark and they were awake and full of energy!! We saw them playing and moving closer and closer to our truck. We drove away and spotted another 6!! It was almost black by the time we left the park, we were only able to see their red eyes by the end, it was an incredible experience!!!


mom g said...

SOOOO cool .... looks like an awesome experience !!!!

theRachel said...

Wow, wouldn't want to get too close to the open hippo mouth.

Jeff...are you making fun of binoculars?

Erin said...

I love your new header Shannon, such a cute picture! :)

Lena Mulder said...

Hey Shan, what great pics from your safari! I am thinking about going on one too, a friend that is here went to Murchison and had a great time, but Queen Elizabeth looks great too!! I'd love to see the giraffe's at Murchison though!! Take care and hope to see you soon again!