Friday, October 16, 2009

Betty's new kitchen

Our good friends, Jamie & Ren ée Jeckel, just visited us in Uganda for 2 weeks!! One of the things they wanted to do as part of their trip was raise money to buy their sponsor child and several other children at our school, kitchen supplies, food, clothing, 5 water collectors, a kitchen and even a new house!!! 

We are SO thankful to all of their family and friends who so generously donated these special gifts!!!

When we first visited our sponsor child, Betty, we were told that she needed a new kitchen. She was on the "Where Most Needed List" meaning if a donation came in that was not specified to a child, our staff in the KCF (Kibaale Children's Fund) office decide which of the neediest students will get that gift.
The kitchen Jamie & Renée raised money for went to our sponsor child, Betty!!! It was very exciting for us to be a part of the building of her kitchen and to see first hand the joy on their faces!!

Betty's Dad, Daniel, mixing mud.

Joel took the day off school to join us in mudding the kitchen. It was hard work, but he did a great job at helping us out!

Nice job!! When we finished our work we sat down with some of Betty's family for maize porridge and sweet bananas. Joel doesn't even like flavored instant oatmeal at home, but he was very gracious in trying to eat as much as he could. Jamie & Renée also did very well!!

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