Thursday, December 10, 2009


We had promised the kids we would go away as a family before Christmas, we gave them a few options of places we could visit, but seeing rhinos won hands down!! We went this week to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, about 2.5 hours north of Kampala. The drive was actually a lot easier than we anticipated, and the park was beautiful!!

Finn has been wanting to see rhinos since we went on our very first safari 2 1/2 years ago!!! Rhinos are being reintroduced to Uganda thru an organization called the Rhino Fund Uganda, who have even had some help from Disney's Animal Kingdom, they donated two rhinos in 2006! Right now there are 8 rhinos in the park, and we saw 7 of them!! Two of the rhinos are babies, which are hard to see on a trek because the mother's are very protective, but we got to see the newest addition on our second trek, he's adorable!!!

The park is quite big, so we drove first to the area the rhinos were and then got out and walked to find them. It was early afternoon on our first trek so the three rhinos we saw were beginning to get tired and soon after we spotted them laid down to rest. We were able to walk quite close up to the rhinos which the kids loved, but then all of a sudden the male quickly got up and started to charge forward. The guide simply told him to "go back" and he responded, it was pretty neat! Avin literally leapt into our guide's arms once the rhino was standing, but everyone else loved it!

Later in the day we went to a different part of the park to see hippos and crocodiles. We again drove as close as we could get and then got out of the car to walk toward the swamp. The guide was pretty sure we would not see hippos this early in the evening, but we saw a lot of really neat birds! The kids were still hoping to see crocodiles again so we walked right to the shore of the water they were in, and our guide right away points to show us a crocodile in the water. Jeff brings the kids closer to show them where he is pointing. I'm not too sure about standing on the shore of crocodile infested water, and was actually pretty thankful to have only seen the one!!


gramma g said...

Very COOL ! I get it Avin , but, the poor tour guy if I lept into his arms. Hahaha ! Everyone looks well and living life at its abundance. Life is an adventure, espically in your family ! xoxoxoxoxo !

Yvonne said...

Wow! You guys are brave :) What a fun place to go to! Merry Christmas!!

jesslea said...

I just showed our kids these pics and they are fascinated! Looks like loads of fun.