Monday, January 18, 2010

Mpigi Team - January 2010

Our church team has arrived!! We have loved connecting with old friends and meeting new ones!

The 52 kids in Mpigi are all smiles and very excited to have a team of visitors again. They lovingly greeted our jet lagged group by lingering around the guest house at 6am their first morning!!

Joel and Michelle have had a great time reconnecting, again as if no time had passed!

Part of this team came to run a VBS program for our 52 kids on the 10 acres. There has already been many new games and songs for the kids and lots of great crafts!

The rest of the group plans to build a chicken coop, install two water tanks, put up rain gutters, clear land and lots of other little jobs! The team quickly got to work on their first day and have already gotten a great start on their list.

 They've also had time for a soccer game with the boys, since they were defeated I'm guessing there will be a few more!!

A few of the adorable kids in church on Sunday morning.


Brent White said...

Thanks for the photos and the update...missing it all

mom g said...

Beautiful children ! and wonderful people giving thier time and love to make the world a better place to live in !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jeff & Shannon for the pictures... missing being there!

Yvonne said...

Oh man, keep the pictures coming!! It's so wonderful to see so many people we know, there right now. You've put a smile on my face today :)