Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The One Where they go to Egypt

Living in Africa opens up a lot of countries to visit that we wouldn't normally get the chance to see. We were really excited to plan this once in a lifetime trip with Joel and also sharing it with our good friend, Rachel!!!

Cairo was amazing, such a fast paced city! The people were so friendly, we didn't once feel out of place or uncomfortable. The amount of history and things to see was almost overwhelming though!! We didn't realize how much we'd learn this trip. 

We LOVED seeing the pyramids, although very surreal in the moment, looking back it was the highlight for sure!! 

We also loved taking the subway (where we realized we don't pay very good attention to the signs around us, Jeff rode with us in the GIRL car!) into Coptic Cairo where we saw beautiful ancient churches.

Jeff and Rachel were great tour guides!!

Nile River

An evening out in Cairo, searching for the nearest Starbucks!! We loved the city at night, it was always bright, loud and full of activity.

Islamic Cairo, where we went into a mosque and visited the Khan market. With so much shopping, coffee shops and people watching you could easily spend a whole day there!!

Lastly, a few days in beautiful Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea..

We are feeling rested and ready for TWO teams to arrive. The Mpigi team arrives in a few days and our PA Outreach team at the beginning of February!


Bec Shulba said...

you guys are too cute with your starbucks. and i laughed outloud that jeff was riding in the girl car. beautiful pictures. thanks for keeping us updated.

theRachel said...

I also laughed out loud re: Jeff being in the girl car. Where was Joel? Did he manage to "crack the code?"

Looks like Egypt is amazing! Glad to hear you guys are keeping well.

jesslea said...

Great pictures! Looks like alot of fun. Have fun with the teams coming soon. Paul and I always wish we were able to come there. Bless you guys!