Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Sea

We have left Cairo (a city we LOVED and will write more on when we're home!) to spend a few days in Sharm el Sheikh which is on the Red Sea.
It's been great to change our pace from walking and exploring the city to just sitting by the pool, playing at the beach and getting some reading in!!

Enjoying a few tastes from home; McDonald's, Starbucks (yeah!!) and Baskin-Robbins!!!


Erin said...

ah I'm so jealous, I've been going through Starbucks withdrawal ever since we left home.. its been 5 months so far, I'm hoping I won't have to wait till I go back to Canada to have a frappe! :(

But it looks like you had such an awesome time... aren't the camels and pyramids AMAZING?! That was definitely my favourite part.

Can't wait to see you guys soon (we're so excited to be back!), I'd love to hear all about your trip :)


Yvonne said...

No big deal you guys - livin it up! I had no idea you were going to Egypt!! Where are the rest of your children?? You look so happy and relaxed, it's great to see pictures. Safe travels!!

The Scotts!

Sher said...

what a special time to spend with Joel:) Can't wait to see you this week!!! and hear more about your trip, looks amazing. See you soon