Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rebecca & Judith

We were very excited to go and visit Rebecca and Judith today. They are newly sponsored nursery students, both by good friends of ours from home!! Whenever our friends or family sponsor a child we like to go to their homes to meet their families and see what their needs are so we can pray more specifically for them, but also help in practical ways. It kind of feels like our family in Uganda is growing every time someone else gets sponsored!! 

There are a lot more students in need of sponsorship, you can see them at!!

Rebecca is about a 30 minute walk from our centre. She has two younger sisters; her adorable baby sister is only 1 week old!!! They live in a small mud house and do all of their cooking outside, they don't have a shelter for their kitchen. They are a very loving family and Rebecca seems so happy in her home. This was a special visit for us because Rebecca is the niece of good friend's of ours who works at the centre.

Rebecca at home with her family.

Judith is an orphan, her parents both died of AIDS. She now lives with her Aunt and Uncle and their 7 children; it takes her over an hour to walk to school. Water is the biggest problem for Judith's family, they walk a long way to a ditch that fills up when it rains, if it doesn't rain they walk even further to the dirty river. Her Aunt was adorable, so warm, friendly and seemed very loving towards Judith.

Judith at home with her Aunt and two of her cousins.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures & story of Rebecca & Judith... those images tell so much.