Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dickie's Visit Kibaale

The Dickie family and Lydie came to Kibaale for a few days. Our kids were very excited to have friends over to play!! Play, play, play!! All day long actually, giving us a great chance to visit with Scott, Tracey and Lydie! 

Yesterday we had a few home visits to go on so everyone came along; we had a nice hike to the first home, where we visited Gerald, one of our primary students. He just received a new mud house and water collector with "Where Most Needed" money. Gerald and his mom used to live in a straw house and are a long walk to clean water, so it was great to see such an improvement to their living conditions!!

At the next house the family was mudding a chicken coop, so Joel and Owen jumped in and got their hands dirty!!

Lastly, to Vincent's house. We drove him and his Mom home from the centre, she was at the clinic getting treated for Malaria. They received a special gift as well, bed sets! The family was recently purchased this new house, but have nothing inside, so we were happy to deliver new mattresses and blankets, especially with their Mom being sick right now!!

There are a lot of arms to the Kibaale Community Centre, so we weren't able to show everything that goes on in a few days, but it was great to have friends from home see a little of our life in Uganda!!  We had a lot of fun and are very thankful for their visit!!!

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