Saturday, June 19, 2010


 Lydie is a good friend of Scott and Tracey Dickie, and will be staying in Mpigi with them for the next 2 months. The Dickie’s left Kibaale earlier this week but Lydie was able to spend the rest of the week here, giving her a great chance to explore almost every aspect of the Kibaale Community Centre!!

Helping our clinic staff immunize babies in a remote village.

Signing in our special education class.

She also taught our catering class how to make crepes, quiche and apple pie!!

Lydie also went on several home visits, gave mosquito nets out in the community and is right now hiking Kibaale Hill!! She definitely jumped right in and was able to see a little bit of everything that goes on here, she could just be the easiest visitor we've hosted, ever!!

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