Monday, June 28, 2010


We recently had the chance to go on a home visit to see Gideon. His sponsors are coming to Kibaale this summer so we wanted to find out more information for them about his living situation and family. His grandmother lives closer to the school than his parents, so he is right now staying with her. His grandmother has her older son’s living at home as well but said she loves having children in the home!! She is very happy to have Gideon with her!

Mugabi from the sponsorship office also went to Gideon’s parent’s house to see all of his adorable family!! His parents have no income right now, but are working in their garden to provide food for their family. Their sponsors are hoping to raise some money to provide them with clothing, food, household items, bedding and mosquito nets! The children here are so excited when they can meet their sponsors in person; Gideon is excited that his sponsors also have a little boy his age!!

Whenever we do home visits the neighbor children come over to greet us too, these kids were pretty cute and loved having their pictures taken!

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