Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Each term our Primary School goes on Outreach visits, with a different focus each time. Right now they are visiting different schools in our community. A lot of these schools are very poor and have almost no supplies, so we try to bring things like books, pencils and a soccer ball! The kids also put together songs and skits for the schools. We are going to go with them next week to one of the Muslim schools nearby.

Next term we will go to needy homes, to help with small home repairs, digging or whatever might be needed. We went last week on a pre-visit to a home that one of the teacher’s came across and thought could really use some help. She said she visited here a few weeks ago and cried when she left, not knowing how she could help them but seeing that they were so poor. We said we often feel the same way!

This home was a nice hike up onto a beautiful hill, but unfortunately up on a hill means very dry in Kibaale. They were a long walk to water and had nothing but a small, falling down, mud house. They did not have a kitchen or even a latrine. Any crops they were growing was down the hill from their house, nothing would grow on the land they were on. This was a beautiful family with 2 young girls and a baby boy, all very welcoming. We had a donation for a gift basket that we were able to bring to them which was also very appreciated. Hopefully next term we will be able to help them out more!

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