Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visiting Stella (& Rebecca!)

Last week our family was able to visit Stella at home for the first time. Her grandparents have both died and left their family a home and plot of land. It's a very simple house and property but everything was well taken care of, we could see right away how hard they work to keep everything clean and organized.

Stella often stays with her Aunt and Uncle who live in staff housing at the Centre (feet away from us) during the week and loves to come over; to color pictures, hang out in the playroom, in the yard, and even stay for lunch! It's been great getting to know her better and see how quickly she's made friends with our kids.

We had posted in April about our friend's sponsor child, Rebecca. We recently found out that her mud house was destroyed in the rain, which was very unsteady after being attacked by termites!! Rebecca is Stella's cousin and is now living with her family, it was nice being able to see everyone again and cuddle her baby sister!!

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