Monday, July 12, 2010

Snakes, Rats and Terrorist Attacks

Every visitor we have ever had has asked us about snakes. Every one of them gets the exact same answer, "Yes there are snakes, but it's very unlikely that you will see one" or "No, we never see them around the houses, only out in the farm". Well, last night, as the kids were all having a nightly soccer game in the backyard, slithering right through the middle of the game came a 2-foot long forest cobra. No, I am not some sort of snake species expert, our farm manager told me what it was. No worries though, I (Jeff) quickly hit it was a lawn chair and then Sean came and finished it off by smashing a half full crate of soda on it. That alone is worthy of a blog as it might just be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

Less than an hour later, Dave, Joel and I were tasked with ridding the guesthouse of a rat that must have come in during the day. After a bunch of furniture moving and swinging brooms at it, Dave and I cornered it into a bedroom. Thanks to Dave's lightning fast reflexes, he was able to capture it in a basket.

Only to wake up this morning to hear of the terrible terrorist attacks that happened up in Kampala. Not to worry, we are all safe and sound in Kibaale, but a couple of harsh reminders that we are living in a part of the world that is not always safe.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

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mom g said...

YAAAH! Thats why parents are always concerned and praying, We know where u live and have the pics to prove it ! hahaha.....Bad snakes , rats and dumb terrosits !xoxoxoxox......