Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back To School

We decided to get right into a routine with the kids when we moved to Masaka, which meant homeschooling in the mornings right away. We finished up last year in May so it's been a long break and the kids were very excited to start their new grades!!

 One of the things we were worried about with homeschooling in Masaka was PE, in Kibaale the kids could easily run onto the field and join in with a class for a game of soccer or running races, but they won't have that opportunity here. We were very thankful when a couple of families that live in Masaka invited us to join them for swimming lessons every week! Thursday afternoon was our first time and the kids loved it, this first lesson the teacher mostly evaluated where they were all at, giving them lots of time to play!! They're already very excited for next Thursday.

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