Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week One

We've had a great first week living in Masaka, we've especially enjoyed our new social calendar!! It’s just nice to have the option to go out once in a while; for dinner, swimming, or to visit with a community of ex-pats we’ve been very slowly getting to know from Kibaale! 

We’ve only lived here for 1 week and already the kids were invited to a birthday party one afternoon, we went to Karl and Arleen’s for dinner at the Timothy Centre, Jeff played cards one night with a bunch of guys, was invited to play both basketball and soccer this weekend and tonight Sean and Jamie are coming over for a sleepover !

Denmark vs Spain soccer game, Spain won!!
There are also a lot of little things that have been nice about life in Masaka, hot baths for one!! It was such a treat for our kids to not only have a warm bath in Kibaale, but a bath with a decent amount of water, I don’t think they’ve ever been so clean! We’ve also been able to walk to town for groceries, the market full of fresh fruit and vegetables is just minutes away and there is a pretty decent grocery store just beyond that. We actually were pretty excited the other day to find ground beef, cheddar cheese, fresh buns, and tomatoes all on the same day, so we had burgers for dinner!

Although it’s only been a week, we do miss the sounds of Kibaale and our friends there. Our kids miss village life too, actually last night we told them to get into the truck and they all jumped into the back of the truck, not the backseat:) We’re pretty happy that we are still only an hour away!!!

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