Monday, August 16, 2010


One of the most exciting things that has happened in Kibaale during our time here is having Ochulu Peter become the director! Peter has been working here for 13 years, filling roles like headmaster and principal. He will be the first Ugandan director in Kibaale and we are very proud of him! He is definitely the right guy for the job. We have really enjoyed working closely with him over the past few months, passing off some of our responsibilities to him.

While the transition is happening in Kibaale we have relocated our family to Masaka, one hour away. We will now be a "behind the scenes" help to Peter, assisting with major issues that come up. Jeff will also be working a lot at the new Timothy Centre project, about 10 minutes away from our new home!

Peter organized a handing over ceremony on our last day in Kibaale, they bought me this shirt as a going away present.

Our new home in Masaka!

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